As I began my RJI Fellowship wearables project earlier this year, I knew such an ambitious endeavor – with its range of unique challenges, opportunities and touch points — would require resources well beyond me.

Then in August Mike McKean, an associate professor at the University of the Missouri School of Journalism and director of the RJI Futures Lab, reached out to me: Help was on the way, he said.

My rescue came in the form of a small but mighty team of Missouri capstone students. I was elated — and relieved.

Lauren Slome, Samantha Healey and Chris Mathews are convergence journalism students and have been contributing valuable work specific to the RJI wearables fellowship project since the start of the fall semester. In addition to being among the first on campus to sport the new Apple Watch devices, they’re devoting a handful of hours each week to the exploration, analysis and reporting of wearable technology and journalism.

Their efforts, carefully guided by McKean and myself, will appear regularly in this blog, the “Wearables Playbook” and other outputs of the fellowship project.

While some of their peers may be out exploring the more adventurous aspects of college life, Lauren, Samantha and Chris are hunkered in a lab scrutinizing mobile applications designed for the Apple Watch, evaluating performance times and user experience, and writing about the future of journalism as shaped via Apple’s most personal device ever created.

See if the Apple Watch made the grade with my Millennial team

Victor Hernandez  
Nonresidential fellow


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