Session: “Faster than Real-Time: Predictive Marketing” by Adam Blumenfeld, director of client digital strategies, Bottlenose, Inc.; Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social; and Selcuk Alti, co-founder and CEO, Boostable. Moderator: Nihal Mehta, CEO, localresponse.

Analytics have moved beyond number of page views, time on site and the usual suspects. The two hot topics in Austin were:

Predictive Analytics: What are readers/viewers likely to read or view next, buy next? Tracking your earlier activity, requests for information, sites you've visited (and more) begin to point to what you're likely to do next, or at least what message might prompt you to do it. This will get more sophisticated in short order.

Social Analytics: We're approaching a time when social won't just help us spot breaking news and trends, but will move from insights to action. Using social to create actions is the Holy Grail for ROI. What seems sometimes mystical, or simply hopeful, is expected to soon point to measurable results.

Predictive Analytics can also help automate processes, improve speed to market and improve response times. Desktop and mobile analytics took a few years to leverage data to advertising. It's that time now for social. 

Desktop and mobile analytics should and will suggest different pathways to journalism and commerce. Yelp on desktop is different than on the phone; why serve the same ad to both?

We need to know why people are going to each device, channel, and what they do with that channel, to deliver relevant utility and/or information.

We know that emotion drives action. Each platform has different emotional appeals. We need to understand and learn how to leverage that.


Brian Steffens  
Director of Communications


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