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Missouri School of Journalism students brought an array of technologies on a field-reporting trip in January to Costa Rica, where they encountered a smorgasbord of stories and new ways of telling them.

Their experience was part of the annual study abroad course “Covering Nature and Society in the Developing World,” which takes students through the Monteverde region and Guanacaste Province of the Central American nation.

The students used infrared imaging, a drone, three-dimensional GoPro video cameras and a Lytro Illum against a backdrop of jungle, ocean and national park landscapes to report and write stories about environmental and social issues.

“Being in the field provided a wealth of opportunities to use new media technologies for the first time,” said journalism master’s student Paige Blankenbuehler. “I never expected to tell stories about holding a large fruit bat in one hand, while snapping photos using infrared imaging in the other.”

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Photo caption: Natalie Helms, left, and Paige Blankenbuehler hold a Phantom drone and GoPro Dual 3-D video system they had just flown over the fishing village of Cuajiniquil, Costa Rica, in January. Helms is a senior in Science and Agricultural Journalism. Blankenbuehler is a master’s student at the Missouri School of Journalism.


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