What's in a name? For newspapers the answer is Suns, Stars and Eagles.

Tools We Use is a series of reports on the Web publishing technologies used by media organizations. This post, however, is just for fun. My data includes 1,506 U.S. print newspapers (dailies and alternative weeklies). Let's find out what words are used, and maybe over-used, in the names of those newspapers:

Words that appear 20+ U.S. newspaper names (dailies and alternative weeklies)

Of note:

  • There are 16 Eagles but only one Alligator.
  • The human roles in these ranks are 116 Heralds, 31 Couriers, 28 Sentinels, 25 Leaders, 15 Citizens, 12 Advocates, 11 Messengers and 11 Observers.
  • Newspapers with heavenly handles include 60 Suns, 46 Stars, 11 Worlds, 7 Globes and 4 Planets.

In future reports, I'll return to the more academic aspects of my research, looking at the CMSs and servers of public broadcasting and online-only news sites. Thanks for following this series. You're invited, as always, to post your questions or thoughts in the comment section.


Dorothy Carner, head of libraries at the Missouri School of Journalism, helped me compile the list of newspaper sites and circulation figures, mostly from the Editor & Publisher's Data Book, with several more added from the databases of Cision and the Alliance for Audited Media, Wikipedia's list of newspapers and alternative weeklies, and the members directories of the Association for Alternative Newsmedia and the Alternative Weekly Network.

Thanks to BuiltWith for donating an account to the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Tools We Use series

  1. Publishing print newspapers online: CMSs
  2. Publishing print newspapers online: Servers
  3. Newspaper names

Need for Speed series

  1. Newspaper load times give 'slow news days' new meaning
  2. Newspaper data diving, metrics and methodologies
  3. A news diet for overweight newspaper sites

Barrett Golding  
Residential fellow


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