This is the second installment of Jim Flink’s coverage of his new multi-platform experiment at the University of Missouri. Check out his opening piece that ran in February.

What causes species to migrate? Inhospitable conditions? A yearning for home? A longing for greener pastures? In the case of multi-platform migration in news, it’s quite possibly a combination of all three. The conditions that once supported robust life are rapidly degenerating for television and radio affiliates and newspapers alike. Those conditions are urging journalists to reinvent themselves within a better ecosystem.

From the ground up

At the Missouri School of Journalism, innovation and entrepreneurship are taught alongside other necessities of journalism training. The Missouri Method of learning by doing requires just such a mindset. My employer, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, is engaged in researching, measuring and fostering the adoption of, and adaptation to, the breathtaking pace of change in our industry.

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