Chinese dragon2012 launched rich with promise as the Year of the Dragon was predicted to yield high risks and high returns. In January 2013 we'll share how our cross-section of editors, journalists, publishers and media experts who weighed in at the beginning of 2012 assess what we know now that we did not a year ago. We invite you to join the conversation right now! What have you learned this year? What insights would you offer for others to play forward in 2013?

In case you missed some of the timely publisher conversations this year on the JA, check out how your peers are building new revenue streams through collaboration, providing citizens the political coverage they deserve, building actionable business plans for success and sharing market intelligence across local and niche publishers navigating the new frontier of sustainability in the digital age. Below, we've collected an end-of-year JA "best of" collection for you to tap into ways others are making it work. From Lisa, Emily, Nicole, Jamie, Bert and Matt here at the JA, we wish you all a peaceful holiday, and good fortune in the coming year! May the rich insights of your peers help light your path to prosperity in 2013!

2012 most popular blogs

2012 "editor's choice" to inspire publisher success

The Journalism Accelerator is the outgrowth of Lisa Skube's 2010-2011 Reynolds Fellowship. Block by Block, an annual gathering of independent hyper-local publishers, was created and nurtured by Michele McLellan, a 2009-2010 Reynolds Fellow. Both initiatives have been supported by 2011-2012 Reynold Fellow Janet Coats.

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