Gone are the days when news organizations had just copy editors and page designers. Nowadays there are newsroom titles like digital optimizer, audience analyst and executive mobile editor. As social media platforms have evolved so have job titles, along with the tools journalists use to communicate with audiences. In this series, RJI will learn more about these titles and the people who hold them.

Kyle LukeEditor’s note: This Q&A was edited for space and clarity.

Kyle Luke is the engagement editor at Newsy. His previous titles at the video news service were director of emerging media and director of content marketing. “One way I’ve heard this position described, that is fairly accurate, is I’m sort of the liaison between the editorial team and our audience,” says Luke of his current position.

Q: Was this a new job title or an update to an existing one?

Probably just more of an accurate description of what I’m doing as far as engagement. I would say it was more of an update to a job title. I’m actually involved in the editorial department now, whereas before I was sort of straddling the line between marketing and editorial.

Q: What is the engagement editor’s role?

My job is to identify stories that are going to resonate with our audience and discover the best strategies and tactics to deliver those stories to our audiences from a push, a pull and a platform perspective.

Q: What do you mean by a push, pull and platform perspective?

Here’s what I mean by pull: working with our editorial team in identifying trending stories I think are going to take off with our audience. That could be using social media, analytics tools, our own analytics, and tools like CrowdTangle and SocialFlow.

Then I push those stories to our audience using headline delivery, A/B testing and push notifications. I also make social media recommendations to the current content marketing team.

I also oversee how Newsy’s content is delivered from a platform perspective. It used to be that you published a story to the website and you called it a day. Now most people consume Newsy content on Roku and Apple TV, or directly in their Facebook and Twitter news feeds, which is a big play of ours.

Q: What does a typical day look like?

The first thing I do when I sit down is I check in with our morning team to see what we have coming up and try to decide the best way to deliver those stories to our audience. I tweak headlines, throw in some potential social media copy, or recommend an angle or an idea to an editor. I’m also looking for story ideas that I think are going to land with our audience. I’m sort of a front page editor across all platforms. 

I use a number of different trending tools to try to figure out what are people talking about. Not just what’s going to lead CNN but what’s going to lead your Facebook newsfeed for the day.

I would say it’s a little bit of that throughout the day.

Q: What do you like about what you do or find the most rewarding?

The best part of my day is working with the editorial team on really cool stuff that lands with our audiences: stuff that people aren’t really thinking about it, different topics or subject matters that aren’t covered as heavily by the cable news networks.

Q: What’s the most challenging or hardest problem to solve in your line of work?

Ignoring the noise. There’s a lot of noise out there. The media cycle can be a very, very hollow echo chamber. You have to make sure you’re staying true to what your brand — and audience — believes in. Your audience will dictate what is your most popular story.

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Jennifer Nelson-Pallikkathayil  
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