Deadline to apply is Feb. 15.

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute invites proposals from people and institutions to collaborate with RJI on ideas and projects that will help us understand and meet the information needs of individuals in their roles as citizens.

Some areas of particular interest include:

  • Projects focused on inclusivity and engaging communities.
  • Applied research that helps us better understand the business and practice of journalism.
  • New techniques, tools and technologies.
  • Prototypes that need further development and market testing.
  • Ideas for new revenue streams or business models that many news organizations could adopt.

There are three types of RJI Fellowships for 2016-2017: residential, nonresidential and institutional.

Residential fellows spend eight months on the University of Missouri campus. Nonresidential fellows explore their ideas from their home or office, with an occasional visit to campus.  The institutional fellowship allows an individual to remain at their post at a news organization or other institution while developing an idea. Compare the three types of fellowships.

Each fellowship includes a stipend. Residential fellows receive an $80,000 stipend and a $10,000 one-time housing or relocation allowance. Nonresidential fellows receive a $20,000 stipend, plus research and travel support. The institutional fellowship stipend — $20,000 — is paid to the company or institution and can be used for salary relief or for another purpose to best ensure the success of the fellowship project.

RJI Fellowships are open to U.S. citizens and foreign journalists.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 15.

To begin the application process, click here.

If you have questions or need more information, contact Roger Gafke at

We look forward to hearing your ideas.



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