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Seven months after launching its second newsletter product in a new city, — a startup focused on being a parent company for local news organizations across the country — is gearing up for an expansion to three more cities this year and is inviting its members to become part of the company along the way.

WhereBy.Us has made a name for itself in Miami and Seattle, where it has launched the first two iterations of its local news/community engagement model — The New Tropic and The Evergrey, respectively. The model focuses on a daily newsletter — 25 percent of The New Tropic’s 20,000 subscribers open it each day; 40 percent of The Evergrey’s 4,000 subscribers open it daily— engagement events, and social media content to share with followers. It has $1.6 million in annualized revenue right now.

The company started a second round of fundraising this year with a special option for local supporters who may not have the big bucks like angel investors. That’s the type of money they brought in during WhereBy.Us’s first round in 2016, for a total of $750,000.

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