Zahra RasoolZahra Rasool is a graduate student at the Missouri School of Journalism. She is also the executive director and founder of Gistory, an Internet startup that aims to provide complete, concise and contextual news briefs on an interactive world map. Rasool started Gistory while she was working on her master’s degree. The startup is partly funded by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Rasool is working on a documentary about women in rural India who are striving to bring about change in their local communities. She received the $12,000 O.O. McIntyre Fellowship, which is the highest postgraduate award given by the Missouri School of Journalism to work on her film. Prior to founding Gistory, she spent nine months with Al Jazeera English in Washington D.C. as an intern and fellow.

Rasool is originally from Mumbai, India.


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